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Black Friday Sale 2016

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Give Arts and Crafts For Christmas

Christmas 2016 will soon be here and the scramble for that special gift has already begun.  Everyone loves to feel like the gifts they give and receive are special and most of us must find something new and unique within our budget.

Art and handmade crafts are always a crowd pleaser.   These one of a kind original items say I cared enough to give you something that will last through the ages and was produced with loving care by a human being, not some production line with no feelings.

If you have never visited Etsy’s online shops you really should.  There you will find literally thousands of handmade items such as hand sewn items, home decor, handmade crafts, and original artwork.  The sellers are friendly and ready to assist you.  The website is easy to navigate and the array of items is literally mind boggling.

Etsy Shops give you an opportunity to purchase items from sole proprietors from around the world and the selection of unique, one of a kind gift items provide the seller with income and the purchaser with a keepsake item that can be handed down through the ages and in many cases will appreciate in value over time.

I have recently moved my original artwork to my Etsy Shop.  There you will find Original drawings, Pastel Paintings, Miniature Paintings, Oil Paintings, Watercolor Painting, Downloadable Art Items, and Giclee Prints.  Please stop by and check out my art as well as the arts and crafts of other Etsy Sellers.  Visit My Etsy Shop – Click Here

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The Allure of Miniature Fine Art

The Allure of Miniature Fine Art

When one hears the word miniature, they instantly think of small. Thus the modern connotation attached to fine art miniatures is they are miniscule in size. Although many of the works produced are in fact tiny jewels of the art world. In reality the word miniature in fine art refers more to the style of the paintings rather than the ultimate size. By the same token, many small paintings are not true miniatures in that they employ a looser approach to the subject matter.

For instance, many people, including myself collect small works of art called Art Cards or ACEOs. Although the techniques often employed are looser than one might find on a miniature where the artist has painstakingly worked for many hours and/or days making the finest of brushstrokes, the works are often extraordinary works of art that employ conventional painting techniques. Conversely, one can also find works of art that can be categorized as Miniature works of art in the 2.5 inch X 3.5 inch size associated with Art Cards and ACEOs.

Although the history of Miniatures is long and storied, the English style of Miniature started with the illuminations of the 15th and 16th Centuries. These extraordinary works were used much as photography is used today. As a result, with the advent of photography, the art of Miniature Painting suffered a decline, but as time went on and more and more people learned of this astonishing artwork, the interest in finding, owning and producing miniatures for collectors brought about resurgence in the art.

Today, many Miniature Art Societies sponsor shows that include the works of some of the greatest living artists practicing the Miniature style of painting. These organizations set standards for size and quality of the work they accept for exhibition. Most of the organizations on state, nation and international levels have websites that explain the various techniques that are accepted as well as display specifications.

If you are an artist interested in working in the Miniature style, there are a number of websites with excellent instruction in the art. Two books that give more history of miniatures, as well as provide information on methods, tools and materials are: “The Techniques of Painting Miniatures” by Sue Burton and “Miniature Painting” by Joan Cornish Willies. Both books were available on and both are must haves for the serious beginning Miniaturist.

You can find examples of my Miniatures in My Miniature Gallery. Below are a few examples of the original Miniatures Available that can be purchased directly.

Photography PrintsSell Art OnlineSell Art OnlineSell Art Online

Making Memories

From early childhood in the 50s till now, I have always had an unabiding love for making and preserving images through the visual arts.  Whether photographed explicitly or drawn in great detail, few things reproduced exactly look as great as we remember them.  When we are in a place, or seeing someone, we see with all of our senses.  We can feel the wind blowing on our face, smell the spring flowers, hear children playing in the distances and the array of other stimuli that a picture simply cannot capture.

This is where art comes in.  Whether a professional painter, photographer, illustrator or other artist, the goal is to stimulate your imagination sufficiently to make you feel the work.  Adding a texture to a photograph, emphasising the center of interest in unique ways, creating an illusion of movement, putting people or animals in the scene and many more techniques are used by professional artists to enhance the feeling the artist wishes you to experience.  Color, lack of color, contrasting values, shadow and light, and the like, all move toward treating you to the visual experience you expect when viewing the work of a professional.

Have you ever sat and wondered why the works of the Old Masters and works of more Modern Masters from Norman Rockwell to Robert Wade are so very inviting.  It is because their works elicit emotion and stimulate the imagination.  They take you places you have never been and make you feel their experiences of having been there.

Luckily, I have lived long enough to have seen the world’s outlook on art and artists change.  I remember in my portrait and event photography days slaving over a negative with a magnifier trying to retouch a child’s portrait, or working with sepia prints and transparent oil paints to enhance the image of a loved one.  Now, most of those tasks can be done quickly in Photoshop or some other program.

Some say this is a bad thing.  They claim the use of modern methods has in someway reduced the integrity of the work.  I leave everyone to their own point of view, but I personally believe modern methods are as valid an artform as any forms before them.  There is no harm in loving the traditional and grasping the modern.

If we look at the mere history of art, we see art changing throughout history.  Each new style or school of thought led to new and improved methods and fostered the genres of work we all know and love.

Having said all of this, there are great accomplished artists that display and promote their works on the internet.  The fact is, in this day and time the artist must have a presence on the web, through websites and social media to be found.  I find it intriguing each morning to sit at my computer for a short while and search through the various artists’  websites and view their beautiful creations.  It is like having an art gallery available 24/7 and the creations of these talented individuals are there to stimulate your imagination, bring back memories, calm and relax you or simply for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your kind indulgence and please support the art of your favorite artists.

Check Out My Watercolor Gallery

For many years, my focus was on traditional painting and drawing.  With the digital age, I became more and more focused on producing photographs and digital art. As a result, I have a tremendous amount of work available as prints, as well as original works painted and drawn traditionally.

One of my favorite mediums has always been transparent watercolor and for the last few months I have shifted my focus to producing coastal and rural scenes in watercolor.  If you get the opportunity, I will very much appreciate your browsing through my selection of watercolors on this site, as well as at the following location: My Watercolor Gallery

The following video will provide you a little preview of the watercolor works available:

New Items Available

As most of you know by now, I believe in using the tools available to create the best possible image.  Whether a camera, digital software or traditional methods and mediums, I strive to produce art and photography that will appeal to my clients.  Here are a few of my recent additions.  There are more than 1600 available images of all types.  If you are looking for wall art, you are sure to find it here or on my other sites:

Art PrintsPhotography PrintsPhotography PrintsArt Prints

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Art and Photography is My Job, This is My Hobby.

I am a full-time Visual Artist, but like most people I have hobbies outside of my work.  As I have gotten older, I realize the importance of keeping your mind and body active, but that process needs to also be fun.  I enjoy flying RC Aircraft, both in real life and using a program called RealFlight that simulates a broad spectrum of different types of aircraft.  Whether out flying my Helicopters and Quadcopters or sitting at the computer flying all of the RC Aircraft I would love to own.  It is a fun hobby that anyone can do, regardless their age.

When I became a Senior Citizen, I noticed that many of the activities I had once enjoyed were no longer feasible, but this is one hobby I really enjoy.  I decided to put a playlist of the various videos I have made both flying my camera equipped quads and screen captures from Realflight.  If you are interested in a fun activity that keeps your mind and body active, you might want to try RC Flying.

Below you can click on the image and access my YouTube RC and RealFlight Play List.  The videos start from the first and go through the entire Play List.  I thought I would start out with a crash.  I recently purchased a cheap quadcopter with an un-gimballed camera that I inadvertently crashed into a tree…well, you’ll see.

I hope you enjoy watching these and please take the time to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  Thank You!

Photoshop Tips & Tricks Using Textures, Blend Modes and Topaz Impressions

In today’s world, Adobe Photoshop and other products used to enhance photography and works of art are an essential tool.  Most of this powerful software has so many features, if you are a user, you are continuously amazed at the features you discover and the effects you can obtain.  All visual artists are in reality entertainers, and these products allow you to put on a heck of a show.

The use of modern tools to enhance photography or produce traditional art without potential systemic effects from toxins in the medium has become a popular way to produce art and makes selling art simpler in our computerized world of online art sales.  Rather than produce prints from a photograph of their work, artist can now create their work on a computer with the original being a digital file. Each person that buys the art is buying the original output of the artist.  It is still a print, but print number one and print number five hundred will be essentially the same, with no loss of visual integrity.

This tutorial is basically an experimentation with some of the effects that can be obtained in Photoshop using layers, blend modes, textures and Topaz Impressions.  I hope you enjoy and the information is helpful.

Note:  This article is intended to discuss modern methods of enhancing photography and creating digital paintings and art.  I was and still am a traditional artist, often using paints and brushes to produce my work.  I applaud the talents of all artist regardless their choice of mediums.  This article’s focus is on a specific artform and the tools that might assist artist using them or wanting to try their hand at digital art as a medium.

Turn Historical and Personal PDF Documents into Art in Photoshop

Recently, some of my photography and art friends that use Photoshop have asked how to take PDF Files and turn them into Wall Art. Many of the public domain historical documents such as patents are available, but only in PDF, not Jpeg or Tiff. PDFs and Photoshop often do not play nice together, but they can be brought into photoshop, copied and pasted into a new document as a layer. This video gives the rather simple step by step process to make this happen.