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Patents are great for letting you know where society has been and where it is going. Browsing through the Patent Records you find the most interesting things, especially the older records. I enjoy putting in a number and just keep adding ones to see what followed. Since ancient times man has been inventive. Fire, the wheel, methods of building, society itself, all started out as thoughts, some collaborative and others singular. Regardless, patents lead us from the past to the future, from the light bulb to computers and beyond.

Unlike most of my art and photography on this site, patent images and some images produced by the Hubble Space Telescope are produced by government agencies and therefore are not subject to specific copyrights unless otherwise stated in the documents. They fall into the same category as older works without copyright. They are in the public domain and as United States Taxpayers, we are able to use those images, reproduce them and sell them. If sold, the Government gets its royalties through the income taxes generated.

Although anyone can easily obtain public domain images from the various governmental agencies and other sources and use them in any manner they choose, many of the document copies and/or photographs are in very bad shape when downloaded. What I and others that sell patent art do is retouch and restore the original document as much as possible without compromising its integrity and place it on a background that provides a unique visual experience that does not detract from the historical and nostalgic significance of the original image.

If you choose one of my patent creations, rest assured that other than the image, the background, placement, and digital restoration of the original document is performed by me. The images are aesthetically pleasing. They cover a diverse range of subject matter and are excellent interior design works for home or office walls. At the resolution provided Fine Art America, most prints can be made up to 45 X 60 inch sizes. Check Out my Patent art at

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